A view across the rooftops of central Paris.


No one is quite like you.

You’ve been there for me when things have been tough.

You’ve fascinated me with your objects from the past.

You’ve impressed me with your timeless elegance and sophistication.

You’ve invited me out to get to know you even better.

You’ve tantalised my taste buds with your top-notch cooking.

You’ve taken my breath away with my views from up high.

You’ve entertained me on many a Saturday evening.

And you’ve taken care of me when I’ve felt lonely and afraid.

Paris, you’ve done so much for me and I’m truly grateful.

Don’t worry, I’m here for you now in your time of need.

You’re my everything and you always will be.

Paris, je t’aime. 

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Author Peter Stewart

My name is Peter and I’m a travel writer, linguist and world traveller with an unquenchable thirst for adventure. I’m eager to see all that the world has to offer and snap some incredible pics along the way.

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