A long-standing fascination with languages, their different sounds and the cultures with which they are associated has shaped the career that I have today. I started learning French at a young age and it wasn’t long before I began learning Italian and Spanish. I am now trilingual and use my languages on a daily basis.

“If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart.” Nelson Mandela




An insatiable love of words means that, wherever I am in the world, I always find myself scribbling away. Writing plays a fundamental role in my daily life as Staff Writer for FRANCE Magazine. I’ve written everything from round-ups of magical Christmas markets to features on wonderful weekend city breaks and the return of a replica revolutionary war ship to its home in France.



A good translator knows how to be a cultural mediator and convey a message as accurately as possible to the target language audience. I am proud of my fluency in French, Italian and Spanish and have translated texts into English from specialist areas such as journalism and literature, travel and tourism, marketing and science and technology.



Did you know that Thailand honours the countless monkeys which bring tourists to the town of Lopburi with an annual monkey buffet festival, where 600 of the cheeky creatures tuck into two tonnes of grilled meats and fresh fruit? It’s a unique event such as this one that encouraged me to blog about my many fascinating travel adventures, which include touring Paris’s best pâtisseries and chasing the Northern Lights in deepest, darkest Iceland.


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21 Spanish restaurant words

  Here’s all the vocabulary you’ll need to order well at a Spanish restaurant   Quisiera hacer una reserva para 2 personas – I would like to make a reservation for 2 people Pedir – To order Camarero / Camarera – Waiter / Waitress El menú del dia – The…

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Treasures of Mexico

  A line of cars careers towards us and suddenly our mini bus pulls out, screeching its way around the 8-lane wide roundabout. ‘Do you think I drive well?’, shouts a man with a smirk on his face. I am in Mexico City and Francisco is our driver and guide…

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A stroll through the heart of Paris

I leave my cosy apartment on a mid-morning stroll along the eastern end of this long Parisian street and am rewarded with a fascinating glimpse into the beating heart of this city. Cafés line both sides of the street and buzz with life. Tables spill out onto terraces and are…

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